Information Needed for Business Valuations

The process of valuing a business is complex and reliant upon good data.  The following is a list of documents and other information needed for us to provide you with an accurate valuation:

  1. Last 3 years of Federal Tax Returns (1065, 1120, 1120S or Schedule C)
  2. Current Interim Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet)
  3. Cash Flow Forecast (Revenue growth & EBITDA margin)
  4. Sales By Customer report (to determine the 3-firm Concentration Ratio)
  5. Sales Composition Report
  6. Summary of Current Insurance Coverage (Life, Key Person, Liability, etc.)
  7. Schedule of Compensation paid to each owner and family member for each year (W-2 and 1099 amounts)
  8. List of One-Time/Non-Recurring/Non-Operating Revenues, Expenses, Gains and Losses (if applicable)
  9. Revenues, Expenses, Profits, Assets and Liabilities
  10. Name and address of business
  11. Company’s Contact information (phone, extension, email address)
  12. NAICS Code (industry Code)
  13. Lease Terms (monthly rent, square footage)
  14. Land and Building Information (Fair Market Value, any mortgages, etc.)
  15. Contact information for other professional who may have information (accountant, CPA, CFO, etc.)